Parijat Industries is built on strong principles of responsible corporate citizenship. The Doctrine of Care we display towards our own staff, gets reflected in the approach of the promoters as well as all employees towards ethical business practices. Our primary commitment in our social responsibility is towards taking ethical and responsible decisions in the conduct of our business to be law-abiding, environmentally responsible and to be a proactive agent of positive social change.

Being a socially responsible corporate citizen, Parijat has effectively extended its goodwill towards communities in different locations through various community projects. CSR activities of Parijat reflect its commitment to create an impact on communities through every project it undertakes. The CSR vision of Parijat continues to actively contribute to the social, cultural and economic development of the communities by providing sustainable solutions. Parijat’s social initiatives extends through its CSR unit, Parijat Urja Chakra and a not-for-profit trust, Anand Foundation.

Parijat Urja Chakra (PUC) at Fatehgarh was started with a mission to empower the villages of Ambala, Haryana. The primary aim is to actively contribute to the social, cultural and economic development of the communities by providing sustainable solutions.
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Our primary focus areas are:

► Education and Livelihoods

Career development Centre (CDC) was established at Fatehgarh, Ambala to enhance the skills amongst the rural youth and improve their capabilities for better employment prospects. The center offers basic to advance career oriented courses in IT, service industry and English speaking. CDC focuses on imparting market oriented skill development and placement support to the rural children and youth. Career Counseling is also initiated at CDC to provide guidance to the rural youth on how to continue their education and what career opportunities are available for them to pursue.

Job fairs, guest lectures and educational trips are conducted and organized periodically to provide the required access and exposure to the students. Internships are offered to enhance confidence and on the job skills.

► Agriculture and Environment

Farmer and Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK) scientists’ interactive sessions are organized to update farmers about the latest advancement in agriculture which helps them better their yields. Parijat works towards reducing the carbon footprint by planting more than 50,000 trees every year.

► Health and Sanitation

Parijat provides preventive healthcare facilities to the neighboring villages by conducting regular health awareness programmes, regular check-ups and camps.

► Rural / School Development
Parijat enables schools through its school support programme by:

  • Providing clean and regular supply of water through motorized hand-pumps and water filter.
  • Installing LED lights and fans in class 10th and 12th
  • Painting the blackboards of class 10th and 12th
  • Providing clean toilets

Parijat is supporting Aangawadi’s in the village Fatehgarh with basic infrastructure.

► Sports
Badminton courts are constructed by Parijat in government schools of various villages in Ambala to promote sports and provide an opportunity for the students to play.

Anand Foundation (AF) is a not for profit registered public Trust working from the past 15 years with Delhi’s student community to build an appreciation of diversity by providing young creative minds a platform for exploring, mapping and celebrating the Contemporary Intangible Culture Heritage of our city. Besides mapping the heritage, it has been actively helping the students of agricultural universities across India by providing scholarships. Anand Foundation has also been working extensively in the villages of Ambala, Haryana by providing rural youth with the access and exposure through books, music and sports, through its center in Fatehgarh Ambala.

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► Intangible Cultural Heritage

Short term art internships are provided to the university students to researchers in which they interact with the cultural exponents and travel across the city to document and experience the way diversity manifests in the city. These internships broadly focusses on 6 themes – Performing and Visual Arts, Natural Heritage, Craft & Craftsmen, Community, Linguistics and Sciences.

► Dissemination of information on cultural diversity

Various facets of the city are researched, collated, explored and documents various micro elements that builds this city into a cultural hub. Anand Foundation features research works of interns, books, events, personalities, performing artists etc. that reflects on the living intangible cultural heritage of Delhi.

► Directory and Free Web-page

Anand Foundation promotes cultural practitioners by providing a free webpage service on its website to the artists across the country. This enables artists to have an online presence and identity. The directory also offers free listing to the artists.

► Scholarships

Scholarships are awarded to the meritorious and needy students under various categories.

► Sports

Inter-School Badminton and Volleyball Tournaments, Carom and Chess championships and Annual Sports Day is organized to nurture the talent of rural youth.

Free access of sports equipment is available to the students and villagers.

► Music

Formal instrumental music classes are provided by a dedicated teacher to the students. Instruments like Guitar, Harmonium, Congo, Bongo and Tabla are made available to the students.

► Library

Books of all genre and age groups are made freely available to the students. Newspapers, magazines and competitive exam books are also available.

Inter School Debate competition is organized every year to enhance the students in public speaking and spread awareness about the issues of local and national importance.