Metsulfuron Methyl 20% WP
Pack Size : 8 gm Pouch
Class : herbicides
Directions of Use : As spray suspension.


Crop Weed Species Formulation in gm/ ha Dilution In Water (Litres) /ha
Wheat Chenopodium Album
Melilotus Indica
Lathyrus Aphaca
Anagallis Arvensis
Vicia Sativa
Cirsium Arvense
20 gm 500-600 + Surfactant (Iso-Octyl Phenoxyl-Poloxethanol 12.5%) @500 ml/ha
Rice (Transplanted) Cyperus Rotundus
Spheanochlea Spp.
Fimbristylis Sp. Ludwigia Parviflora Marsilea Quadrifoliata
20 gm 500-600
Sugarcane Cyperus Esculentus
Amaranthus Viridis
Portulaca Oleracea
Parthenium Hysterophorus
Trianthema Sp.
Cleome Viscosa
Solanum Sp.
Commelina Benghalensis
Euphorbia Sp.
Digeria Sp.
30 500-600 (Add Non-Ionic surfactant Iso-Octyl-Phenoxyl – Poloxethanol 12.5% @2ml per liter of spray volume (0.2%)


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