Ammonium Salt of Glyphosate 71% SG
Pack Size : 100 gm /500 gm / 1 kg Pouch
Class : herbicides
Directions of Use : Apply to Perennial Weeds as post emergence application which should have at least 4-8 leaves. Dilute product with clean water and spray uniformly using an efficient sprayer like knapsack or backpack sprayer.
Crop Weed Species Formulation in (gm/kg) / ha Dilution In Water (litres)/ ha
Tea & Non Crop Area Acalypha Indica (Indian Copper Leaf) Sida Aculata Ipomea Digitarea Cychorium Intybus Digera Arvensis Digitaria Sanguinalis Paspalum Conjugatum Ageratum Conyzoides Cynondon Dactylon Cyperus Rotunedus Eragrostis Spp. 3.0 kg 500