2,4 D AMINE 58% SL, 72% SL Wheat, Rice, Rubber, Oil Palm, Maize, Aquatic plants and non-cropped Lands Broad Leafed Weeds
ATRAZINE 50% WP Corn Broadleaf and Grassy Weeds
BISPYRIBAC SODIUM 10% SC, 40% SC, 80% WP Rice All annual Grasses and broad-leaved Weeds like Digitaria Sp., Echinochloa Sp., Cyperus Spp., Scirpus Maritmus, Setaria Spp.
CLODINAFOP PROPARGYL 15% WP, 8% EC, 10% EC, 24% EC, 6% NG Cereals Annual Grasses like Phalaris Minor, Wild-Oats, Barn Yard Grass, Green Foxtail and rough Meadow-Grass
FENOXAPROP-P-ETHYL 12% EC Potatoes, Beans, Soybeans, Beets, Vegetables, Peanuts, Flax, Oilseed Rape, Cotton, Wheat, Rye, Triticale and Barley Annual and Perennial Grass Weeds, Wild Oats
FLUROXYPYR- MEPTYL 20% EC Wheat, Barley, Oats, Fallow cropland and Farm non-cropland Kochia Species, Annual and Perennial Broadleaved Weeds and Voluntary Potatoes
GLYPHOSATE 41% SL, 48% SL, 71% SG All Crops Grasses, Herbaceous Plant, including Deep Rooted Perennial Weeds, some Broad-Leaf Trees and Chrubs and some Conifers
IMAZETHAPYR 10% SL, 70% WG Soybean, Lentils, Peas, Peanuts Annual and Perennial Grass and Broad-Leaved Weeds
METRIBUZIN 70% WP Soybeans, Potatoes, Tomatoes, Sugarcane, Alfalfa, Asparagus, Maize and Cereals Grasses and Broad Leaved Weeds
NICOSULFURON 4% SC Corn Annual Grass Weeds, Broad-Leaved Weeds and Perennial Grass Weeds such as Sorghum Halepense (Johnson Grass) and Agropyron Repens (Couch grass)
PARAQUAT 20% SL, 24% SL Cereals, Potato, Cotton, Plantation Crops and Orchards Broad-Leaved Weeds and Grasses
PENDIMETHALIN 33% EC, 40% EC, 50% EC Maize, Cotton, Groundnuts, Beans, Sunflower, Sugarcane Grasses and annual Broad-Leaved Weeds
PRETILACHLOR 50% EC Rice Annual Grasses, Sedges and Broad-Leaved Weeds


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