Equipped with mutually isolated facilities for different product classes, our plants are able to execute significant volumes across all formulation types.

Capacity by Formulation Type
Insecticides 50,000 Litres/Day
Herbicides 25,000 Litres/Day
Fungicides 10,000 Litres/Day
Granules 70,000 Kgs/Day
Storage Capacity
Liquid Raw Material 300 KL
Powder Raw Material 200 MT
Finished Products 150 KL/MT
Solvent 160 KL
Capacity by Product Class
SC Formulations 10,000 Litres/Day
GR Formulations 30,000 Kgs/Day
WDG Formulations 5,000 Kgs/Day
WP/SP Formulations 10,000 Litres/Day
SL Formulations 10,000 Litres/Day
EC Formulations 30,000 Litres/Day