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Being a socially responsible corporate citizen, Parijat has effectively extended its goodwill towards communities in different locations through various community projects. CSR activities of Parijat reflect its commitment to create an impact on communities through every project it undertakes. The CSR vision of Parijat continues to actively contribute to the social, cultural and economic development of the communities by providing sustainable solutions. Parijat’s social initiatives extends through its CSR unit, Parijat Urja Chakra through not-for-profit trust, Anand Foundation

Over the past years, the strong foundation of Parijat’s CSR has been further strengthened through a steady build-up of new initiatives in the areas of education, skill development, health, environment, agriculture, rural development, sports and intangible cultural heritage. At the same time significant progress and expansion reaped encouraging results in the ongoing projects. Parijat’s intent is to fully transform the villages of Ambala, Haryana into an impactful and sustainable village with strong, educated, skilled and influential community.

Over the past years, the strong foundation of Parijat’s CSR has been further strengthened through a steady build-up of new initiatives in the areas of education, skill development, health, environment, agriculture, rural development, sports and intangible cultural heritage. Parijat’s intent is to fully  transform the villages of Ambala, Haryana into an impactful and sustainable village with strong, educated, skilled and influential community.

New Parijat Urja Chakra Center at Ambala

Parijat Industries social initiatives extends through its CSR unit Parijat Urja Chakra (PUC) and its implementing agency being Anand Foundation. The primary aim is to actively contribute to the social, cultural and economic development of the communities by providing sustainable solutions.

Parijat Urja Chakra was established in 2014 and was running in a rented accommodation for the last 7 years with a gamut of work. Taking the existing profile of skill development and other such activities, an architectural plan was developed along with an architect team on one acre of land from Anand Foundation. A campus plan was developed incorporating all the activities we were doing and keeping in mind their growth for the next 5 years. The centre’s proximity to our plant manufacturing facilities will help and assist all over from Parijat which PUC has been receiving all these years.

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Our primary focus areas are:

► Education and Livelihoods

  Tuition Support Project

It has been initiated to promote education among underprivileged children, create the process to embrace these children into mainstream, strengthen their abilities to cope up with the formal education system

The students are supported in the holistic development and to increase their confidence through various curricular and co-curricular activities. We have 30 students between the age group of 6 to 12yrs, regularly attending the Tuition classes at Parijat Urja Chakra.

Guest lectures and Educational trips are conducted and organized periodically to provide the required access and exposure to the students.

   Stitching and designing project

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In order to fight all odds, survive and succeed, women must learn to be financially independent. Rural women/girls do not get an opportunity to earn livelihood after their basic education and has no skill to generate an income of their own. Through cutting/designing and tailoring course, women learn the art of embroidery, designing clothes, and stitching. Depending upon their interest,  they can learn basic stitching or go for the advanced course. They learn the detailed art and acquire necessary skills through practical training.

► Agriculture and Environment

Farmer and Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK) scientists’ interactive sessions are organized to update farmers about the latest advancement in agriculture which helps them better their yields. Farmer trainings are conducted Pan India in collaboration with Krishi Vigyan Kendra’s on the safe and judicious usage of crop protection products

Parijat works towards reducing the carbon footprint by planting more than 50,000 trees every year.

► Health and Sanitation

Parijat provides preventive healthcare facilities to the neighboring villages by conducting regular health awareness programmes, regular check-ups and camps.

► Rural / School Development
Parijat enables schools through its school support programme by:

  • Providing clean and regular supply of water through motorized hand-pumps and water filter.
  • Installing LED lights and fans in class 10th and 12th
  • Painting the blackboards of class 10th and 12th
  • Providing clean toilets

Parijat is supporting Anganwadi’s in the villages with basic infrastructure. The project aims towards improving the quality of Anganwadi centres by providing an enabling social habitat for children and women where they get educational and nutritional support

► Sports

With the aim of nurturing talent of rural children youth at Ambala, Badminton Courts have been constructed in the village schools to ensure children  are provided with good infrastructure and safe spaces to play. So far, we have constructed 4 badminton courts at Government Senior Secondary School, Fatehgarh, Jatwar and  Government High School, Mandhour and Jaspur Primary School.

Sponsored and built two badminton courts as part of its CSR initiatives at the Horticulture Training Institute (HTI), Karnal, Haryana.

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Anand Foundation is a 20-year-old not-for-profit trust established by the Anand family, the promoters of Parijat Industries. The Trust has been working with Delhi’s student community to build an appreciation of diversity by providing young creative minds a platform for exploring, mapping and celebrating the Contemporary Intangible Culture Heritage of our city. Anand Foundation in conjunction with Parijat Industries has been working in rural areas implementing a gamut of activities for the last many years.

One of the main thrust areas is towards the holistic development of students from rural areas. It seeks to play the role of a catalyst in the lives of rural students for providing them an opportunity for a richer academic and all-round personality development avenue. The objective being for young boys and girls to be well equipped to enter better job and livelihood market. Anand Foundation has also been working extensively in the villages of Ambala, Haryana by providing rural youth with the access and exposure to books, music, fashion designing and sports, through its centre in Fatehgarh, Ambala.

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► Intangible Cultural Heritage


Short term art internships are provided to the university students to researchers in which they interact with the cultural exponents and travel across the city to document and experience the way diversity manifests in the city. These internships broadly focusses on 6 themes – Performing and Visual Arts, Natural Heritage, Craft & Craftsmen, Community, Linguistics and Sciences.

Dissemination of information on cultural diversity

Various facets of the city are researched, collated, explored and documents various micro elements that builds this city into a cultural hub. Anand Foundation features research works of interns, books, events, personalities, performing artists etc. that reflects on the living intangible cultural heritage of Delhi.

Directory and Free Web-page

Anand Foundation promotes cultural practitioners by providing a free webpage service on its website to the artists across the country. This enables artists to have an online presence and identity. The directory also offers free listing to the artists.

► Scholarships

Anand Graduates Scholarships are awarded to the meritorious and needy students under various categories. The aim of Anand Graduate Scholarship is to encourage improvement in employment income generation capacity of most deserving section of children by accessing and completion of under-graduate degree or diploma courses after completion of class 12.

► Sports

Parijat promotes sports for the development of children and youth in the villages of Ambala, Haryana. The objective of this initiative is to enhance the  spirit of learning and leadership among the rural children and youth.

Various sports tournaments are also conducted in Ambala. Inter-School Badminton and Volleyball Tournaments, Carom and Chess championships and Annual Sports Day is organized to nurture the talent of rural youth.

► Music

To provide formal instrumental music education, Parijat has collaborated with  Anand Foundation. With a range of music instruments from strings (Guitar) to percussion (Congo, Bongo, Khanjri) to keyboard (Harmonium) and a  dedicated music teacher, students at PUC attend music classes regularly.

► Library

With a vision to promote the culture reading, a library consisting of more than 200 books is built at Parijat Urja Chakra in collaboration with Anand Foundation. Newspapers and magazines of diverse genres are added every month to facilitate holistic development of the students. Competitive examination books are also made available to the aspiring students. Story telling sessions are also conducted by the Librarian. The Reading & Book Club has been supporting students to enjoy reading books and increase their vocabulary and their confidence.

►Soft Skills Event

1. A two-day Science Workshop was successfully organized on 28th and 29th November 2023 by Anand Foundation at Parijat Urja Chakra in collaboration with Kurukshetra Panorama and Science Centre. Education Officer Jitender Kumar Das and his Team from Kurukshetra Panorama & Science Centre facilitated the workshop for both teachers and students. The workshop aimed to foster a deeper understanding of science through engaging activities and discussions. More than 80 students had the opportunity to explore a diverse range of scientific topics, enhancing their knowledge and critical thinking skills.

2.  Annual Inter School Debate competition is organized every year to enhance the confidence of students for public speaking, while making them aware about the issues of local and national importance and by providing an opportunity for students to learn civic engagement on public issues    

3. Annual Inter School Essay Competition is Essay Writing encourages and enhances critical thinking, creative thinking and helps in organizing thoughts and improve communication skills. The main purpose of the Inter School Essay Competition is to encourage creativity and leadership skills  through dissertation writing.                                                    

4. Creative Writing & Storytelling workshop is conducted to helps expand young minds and fire creativity and language  

5. Annual Day Annual day is celebrated every year to cheer upon the achievements of Parijat Urja Chakra every year. Students of PUC and  Government Schools actively participate in various cultural performances