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Our Top Distributors For The Last Quarter.

Operating throughout India, Parijat’s network of 6000+ dealers and distributors enable us to reach farmers across the country.
Sunil Khad Beej Bhandar- Hisar


Around more than one and a half decade, Sunil Khad Beej Bhandar has been selling Parijat products for the past 4 years. At present Mr. Sunil caters over 1000 farmers, who seem very content with the quality that Parijat offers in its products. He feels that a good network and extensive dealer-farmer interaction, is the key to thrive in a competitive industry. He strongly feels that with wide product portfolio and strong supply chain management, Parijat will soon take the lead on other agrochemical companies.

Patel Krishi Bhandar- Jabalpur


Mr. NB Patel grew up in Jabalpur and started of his business in the year 1974. At present Patel Krishi Bhandar source to over 200 dealers.  Patel Krishi Bhandar has been a loyal dealer to Parijat for the past 14 years. Mr. Patel and his son also regularly participates in field activities and farmers meeting to provide information about dosage and application of products.  In the highly rate oriented market, his area, rates, Parijat’s Tegata, Daita, Leonis as a  star products.

Walia Kheti Store Qadian- Gurdaspur, Ludhiana


Mr. Dalip Singh Walia owner of Walia Kheti Store Qadian- Gurdaspur has managed to establish a name for himself as a well reputed wholesaler. Mr. Dalip Singh also served in department of agriculture Gurdaspur and joined his father’s business in 2000. Walia Kheti Store is associated with Parijat for the past 6 years and has more than 180 retail networks.  Mr Walia believes that regular product promotions, farmers training and field activities can stand high in this competitive market.

Walia Kheti Store Qadian  started in year 1984 And Ripu doman singh walia joined his father’s business in 2000.