(Mancozeb 75% WP)


Pack Size : 250gm, 500gm and 1kg
Class : Fungicide
Directions of Use : Add recommended dose in small amount of water, stir well with a wooden stick, after mixing add remaining amount of recommended water, continuous agitation is required.

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CROP MAJOR DISEASE Dose (per Ha) Water volume (L/Ha) PHI (in days)
Wheat Brown and black rust, Blight 1.5-2 kg 750 L
Maize Leaf blight, Downey mildew 1.5-2 kg 750 L
Paddy (Rice) Blast 1.5-2 kg 750 L
Jowar leaf spot 1.5-2 kg 750 L
Potato Late blight, early blight 1.5-2 kg 750 L
Tomato late blight, black eye spot, leaf spot 1.5-2 kg 750 L
Chillies Damping off 3gm/ltr(soil drench) 1000 L
Fruit rot, Ripe rot and leaf spot 1.5-2 kg 750 L
Cauliflower collar rot 3gm/ltr(soil drench) 1000 L
Leaf spot 1.5-2 kg 750 L
Groundmut Tikka disease and rust 1.5-2 kg 750 L
collar rot and leaf spot 25 to 30g/10 kg seeds 0.1ml(water slurry)
Grapes angular leaf spot and downey mildew and anthracnose 1.5-2 kg 750L
Guava fruit rot 20 gm per tree 10 L
Banana cigar end rot and  tip rot, sigatokaleaf spot 1.5-2 kg 750L
Apple scab and sooty blotch 30gm/tree 10 L
Cumin blight 1.5-2 kg 500L


  • Broad Spectrum: Effective protectant fungicide which controls the disease caused by all four major classes of plant pathogens in wide range of the cross.
  • Manifold Application: Used for foliar sprays, seed treatment and nursery drenching in many crops
  • Resistance management: It is Contact fungicide which provides multisite mode of action, enabling low risk of resistance development
  • Nutrition booster: In addition to disease control, it also provides manganese and zinc in traces to crop, thereby keeps plants green and healthy


  • Mancozeb is a protective fungicide which reacts and inactivates sulfhydryl (SH) groups of aminoacids and enzymes of fungal cells, resulting in disruption of lipid metabolism, respiration and production of ATP.


  • Spray the Apnazeb before the appearance of disease or at disease initiation. Repeat the applications at 7-12 days interval depending on climatic conditions and disease severity.