(Metsulfuron – Methyl 20% WP)

Metsulfuron – Methyl 20% WP
Pack Size : 8 gm Pouch
Class : herbicides
Directions of Use : As spray suspension.
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Crop Weed CIB DOSE / Ha Water volume litre/ha
Wheat Chenopodium album 20gm 500-600+ Surfactant (Iso-Octyl Phenoxyl-Poloxethanol 12.5%)@ 500 ml/ha
Melilotus indica
Lathyrus aphaca
Anagalis arvensis
Vicia sativa
Cirsium arvense
Transplanted Rice (Paddy) Ludwigia parviflora 20 gm 500-600
Caesulia axillaris
Commelina benghelensis
Sphenoclea zeylanica
Fimbristylis sp.
Cyperus rotundus
Sugarcane Cyperus esculentus, 30 gm 500-600
(Add non -ionic surfactant Iso-octyl-phenoxyl -poloxethanol 12.5% @ 2ml per liter of spray volume (0.2%)
Amaranthus viridis,
Portulaca oleracea,
Parthenium hysterophorus
Trianthema sp.,
Cleome viscosa,
 Solanum sp.,
Commelina benghalensis,
Digeria sp.
Euphorbia sp.,


  • Controller contains Metsulfuron-methyl 20% WP
  • Controller is a selective herbicide
  • Controller is a post–emergent herbicide
  • It belongs to Triazinyl-sulfonylurea group of herbicides
  • Controller is a systemic herbicide with contact and residual action
  • Its half-life period in the soil is only a few days so no effect on the follow crops.
  • It has good compatibility with other pesticides.
  • Controller is completely safe to wheat crop
  • Controller has both foliar and soil activity
  • It has good rain-fastness after 4 hours of application.
    Low use rate herbicide


  • Controller (Metsulfuron-methyl) is rapidly taken up by plants at the roots and on foliage.
  • It is rapidly translocated within the plants and accumulate in the growing parts / meristematic tissues.
  • It Inhibits cell division in both roots as well as in shoots.
  • Due to the inhibition of cell division plant growth check.


  • WHEAT: 30-35 days after sowing or when weeds are in 3-4 leaves stage.
  • RICE: when weeds are of 2-4 leaf stage.
  • SUGAR CANE: 10-15 days after planting.
  • Dissolve 20g recommended dose of controller into 8-10 L of clean water, then add surfactant (Iso-Octyl Phenoxyl-Poloxethanol 12.5%) @ 500 ml/ha to make a stock solution.
  • Finally make up the volume up to desired concentration i.e. 500-600 L/ha.
  • Controller is used as foliar spray using Flat Fan /Flood Jet nozzle.
  • Proper water volume should be used for good control.
  • Weed should be in proper stage (3-4 leaf stage)


  • Do not spray during Foggy climate and in early morning.
  • There must be proper moisture in the field.
  • Surfactant not to be added when used in the Transplanted Rice Crop.
  • Precaution: Controller not to be used if any broad leaf crop like Mustard, Sunflower, Pea etc. is intercropped with wheat.
  • Wear safety equipment’s such as gloves, aprons, masks, etc.
  • Spray in the direction of wind.
  • Do not smoke, drink, eat and chew anything while spraying.
  • Avoid contact with mouth, eyes and skin.
  • Avoid inhalation the spray mist, fog and vapors
  • Take bath properly after application
  • Antidote – No specific antidote.