(Oxadiargyl 1% + Pretilachlor 6% GR)

Oxadiargyl 1% + Pretilachlor 6% GR
Pack Size : 2 kg, 4kg, 10Kg
Class : Herbicides
Direction of Use : Broadcast uniformly in the field within 0-3 days after transplanting of paddy maintaining a thin film of water (5-7 cm) and water should not be drained for the next 2-3 days from the field or fresh irrigation should not be given.


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Kg /acre)
PHI (in days)
Transplanted Rice Echinochloa crusgalli
Echinochloa colona
Cyperus difformis
Eclipta alba
Ludwigia parviflora
Marsilea quadrifolia
4kg NIL 85


Product Features

  • One Season, One Herbicide: Season Long , broad spectrum Control over broad and narrow leaf weeds in paddy.
  • Critical Period Guardian: Dahan helps to control the weeds during the critical period of nutrient competition between Paddy and weeds
  • Effortless Application: Easy identifiable premix granules provides ease of application to the farmers
  • BTG Technology: Dahan is environmental friendly and provides homogeneous dispersibility of granules in the soil

Mode Of Action

Oxadiargyl inhibits protoposphyrinogen IX oxidase, the enzyme that converts from Protox to Proto, which finally helps in the weed’s necrotic action.

Pretilachlor It belongs to Chloroacetamide group of herbicides which inhibits growth and reduces cell division. After the application it quickly spread on soil and disrupts cell division at the time of weed seed germination. Lack of cell division, weed germination and growth checked and plant ultimately dies.

Time Of Application

Apply with whorled granule applicator or by hand with bearing gloves. Broadcast the granules uniformly over the field within 0-3 days of transplanting

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