(Pyriproxyfen 10% + Bifenthrin 10% EC)

Pyriproxyfen 10% + Bifenthrin 10% EC
Pack Size : 100ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1L, 5L
Class : insecticides
Directions of Use : Mix recommended dose in appropriate amount of water, stir well and spray with Knapsack Sprayer.
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Crop Pests CIB DOSE / Ha Water volume litre/ha
Cotton Whiefly 600 ml 500



  • LEONIS is a premix insecticide having Pyriproxyfen 10%+Bifenthrin 10%EC
  • It is a unique combination of new generation broad spectrum insecticide and Insect Growth Regulator (IGR)
  • It effectively controls all the stages of Whitefly i.e. Eggs, Nymphs and Adults
  • It belongs to juvenile hormone analog (IGR) and Pyrethroid ester group of insecticide
  • Insecticide combination gives strong synergistic effect
  • It can be sprayed at any stage of crop
  • LEONIS controls transmission of Leaf Curl Virus (CLCV) by controlling its vector
  • LEONIS has translaminar activity, so it even kills the pest present at lower side of the leaves
  • LEONIS controls Sooty mold that is spread by whitefly
  • LEONIS has good phytotonic effect which improves the vigour and induces development of new terminal branches
  • LEONIS gives Quick knockdown and long duration control
  • Low toxicity and environment friendly
  • It is very cost effective


  • Pryiproxyfen in LEONIS, being an IGR. It controls all three stages of whitefly. It prevents hatching of eggs, inhibits metamorphosis of Nymph to Adult and causes sterility in adults.
  • Simultaneously LEONIS gives quick knockdown effect on adult white fly by its contact & stomach action. Bifenthrin, in LEONIS is a pyrethroid that affects the central and peripheral nervous system by interfering with sodium channel gating. Delay in the closure of the sodium channel results paralysis and death of treated insects.


  • Foliar Spray is recommended
  • Apply as soon as the insect population begins to appear in the field but before it reaches Economic Threshold Level (ETL)
  • Mix the recommended dose in ¼ of the recommended quantity of water to the spray tank with agitation
  • Add remaining quantity of water with continuous agitation
  • Uniform coverage is necessary for effective control of insect pests


  • Uniform spray should be advisable
  • Ensure full coverage of foliage
  • Use proper recommended water volume for batter result
  • Wear safety equipment’s such as gloves, aprons, masks, etc.
  • Do not smoke, drink, eat and chew anything while spraying
  • Avoid contact with mouth, eyes and skin
  • Avoid inhalation the spray mist, fog and vapors
  • Take bath properly after application
  • Antidote – No specific antidote is known. Treat symptomatically