(Hexaconazole 4% + Zineb 68% WP)

Hexaconazole 4% + Zineb 68% WP
Pack Size : 100g, 250g,500g,1kg
Class : Fungicide
Directions of Use : Add recommended dose in small amount of water, stir well with a wooden stick, after mixing add remaining amount of recommended water, continuous agitation is required. Spray the solution uniformly covering entire foliage of the crop with Knapsack Sprayer.
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CROP MAJOR PEST Dose (gm/Ha) Water volume (L/Ha) PHI (in days)
Paddy Sheath Blight, Brown Spot, Blast, Grain Discoloration 1000-1250 500 34
Tea Black Rot, Grey Blight, Blister Blight 625 250-500 7
Apple Scab, Premature Leaf Fall, Alternaria Leaf Spot/ Blight, Powdery Mildew, Core Rot 0.25 % or 25 gm /10 liters water 10 liters / Tree 30
Maize Maydis Leaf Blight , Turcicum Blight 1250 500
Cotton Leaf Spots, Boll rot 1250 500


  • Broad-spectrum fungicide,with multisite and systemic action
  • Provide Zn+ Micronutrient supplement & good plant vigour
  • Economical product which enhances yield & produce quality very effective for disease resistance management
  • A unique product which fits well in resistance management strategy


  • It is a unique combination of Contact and systemic fungicide. Its contact part is Zineb which is a broad-spectrum fungicide with protective action. Other partner in this combination is Hexaconazole which is a unique highly systemic triazole fungicide, acting as protective, curative and eradicant with strong antisporulant and translaminar action


  • Spray the Nischit before the appearance of disease or at disease initiation. Repeat the applications at 7-12 days interval depending on climatic conditions and disease severity.