(Oxadiargyl 6% EC)

Oxadiargyl 6% EC
Pack Size : 250 ml, 500 ml, 1 L
Class : Herbicide
Directions of Use : Mix the herbicide in small quantity of water and add later the remaining quantity of water. Mix well before use. Use stick or rod for mixing. Do not use bare hands. Use at proper soil moisture. Give
a uniform spray over the soil, without leaving gap. Do not spray against the direction of wind. Clean the sprayer thoroughly with water after completion of the work.


PHI (in days)
Cumin Chenopodium album, Rumex sp., Melilotus indica, Asphodelus tenuifolius. 400-500 ml/acre 200 87


Product Features

  • Broad Spectrum Herbicide: Good control on variety of broadleaf weeds and sticks evenly to soil, once spread uniformly
  • Crop Guardian: Safe for present (recommended) and succeeding crops
  • Contact Action: Works as a contact herbicide during emergence of weeds
  • Environment friendly: Safe for environment and no odour helps in easy usage

Time of application

  • Cumin: Spray Oxadiargyl 6 % EC withing 14-18 days after sowing.

Mode of Action

  • Oxadiargyl inhibits protoporphyrinogen IX oxidase, the enzyme that converts from Protox to Proto which finally helps in the weed’s necrotic action