(Tolfenpyrad 15% EC)

Tolfenpyrad 15% EC
Pack Size :  100 ML, 250 ML, 500 ML ,1000 ML
Class : Insecticide+Fungicide
Directions of Use : Shake the product container well before use. Add recommended dose in small amount of water, stir well with a wooden stick after mixing add remaining amount of recommended water, continuous agitation is required. after this uniform spraying covering entire foliage with Knapsack Sprayer.



CROP MAJOR PEST Formulation ml/Acre Dilution in Water (L/Acre)
after each
(In Hours)
Cabbage Diamond back moth,Aphids 400 200 7
Okra (Bhindi) Aphids, Jassids,Thrips, Whitefly 400 200 3
Cotton Aphids, Jassids,Thrips, Whitefly 400 200 26
Cumin Aphids, Thrips 400 200 29
Chilli Aphids, Thrips 400 200 7
Mango Hoppers, Thrips 400 200 7
Onion Thrips 400 200 10


Product Features

  • Multi-Functional Product: Tuckzila is Strongly effective against broad range of sucking,  Chewing & Biting pests (Diamond Back Moth).
  • Effective Against Most damaging stage of insect: Tuckzila’s Effectiveness against larvae/nymph and adult. Leads to a healthier crop.
  • Anti Feeding – Because of antifeedant properties, when target pests come into contact with Tuckzila, they quickly stop feeding.
  • Integrated Resistance Management – Tuckzila is a unique product which fits well in resistance management strategy.
  • Novel Insecticide Cum Fungicide: Tuckzila is novel insecticide which has fungicidal properties.

Time of application

  • At the time of initiation of pest infestation

Mode of Action

Tolfenpyrad is a Mitochondrial Electron Transfer Inhibitor (Mitochondrial complex 1 electron transport inhibitor) compound which acts through contact and ingestion. Inhibits cellular respiration in the insect, leading to the cessation of the production and supply of the energy in the cell, resulting in the death of the target pest. It has an excellent know-down effect.