(Dodine 65% WP)

Dodine 65% WP
Pack Size : 100gm,  500gm
Class : Fungicides
Directions of Use : Avoid oral contact with the Fungicide. Do not smoke handle or eat food while spraying and avoid inhalation of spray mist. Spray only in the direction of wind currents and not against so as to avoid spray drifts setting of body. Wear hat, face shield, cotton overalls and shoes.


CROP MAJOR PEST Dosage/ HA Dilution in Water 
Waiting Period
Apple Apple scab (Venturia
0.05% AI (gm)

0. 0 7 5 % Formulation (Kgs)

10 L/Tree 21


Product Features

  • PREVENTIVE AND CURATIVE ACTION – Ziraat is great product for protective management of Apple scab and also can cure disease spread even it applied after 48 hrs after application.
  • QUICK ACTION – Ziraat gets absorbed quickly in to the plant, so doesn’t get wiped due to rains.
  • HIGH PROFIT – Ziraat provides micronutrients like Zink & Manganese which enhances yield and improves product quality.
  • EXCELLENT RESISTANT MANAGEMENT TOOL – Ziraat is Guanidine group fungicide which is best for resistant management strategy.

Time of application

Foliar spray at disease infestation. Ziraat may be applied to several stages of crop growth including delayed dormant, dormant, foliar, pre-bloom, early bloom, bloom, petal fall, postharvest, and popcorn (a developmental stage just before petals begin to open in peaches only)

Mode of Action

Dodine attack the pathogen by inhibiting more than one cellular process. The amphipathic nature of dodine suggests that the molecule inserts into the fungal plasma membrane, dodine disrupts the integrity of the fungal plasma membrane, This activity increases the permeability of the cell and is thought to result in death of the pathogen. Dodine acts inside the fungal cell, where it appears to inhibit vital enzymes and cellular respiration.